Note to Mean People: I Told You So

When we last heard from Senator Charlie Janssen, he was strong-arming the education committee, trying to get them to bring one of his “we-hate-Latino-people” bills to the floor for full debate. (See: Mean People Suck)

This particular bill, LB657, would take away, for undocumented children who have lived in Nebraska for at least three years and have graduated from Nebraska high schools, the opportunity to attend college at the same in-state tuition rate as their Nebraska-born schoolmates.

One of Mean Charlie’s benevolent reasons for jerking the rug out from under Latino kids is that in-state tuition somehow “gives them cruel, false hope” because nobody will hire “illegals” and they won’t be able to get jobs when they graduate from college.

Here’s the deal, Charlie: Not everybody becomes an employee. Some people start their own businesses and they don’t need your permission or “papers” to do that. Maybe one of these really bright Latino kids will start a medical-device business that repairs cold hearts. We will all be forever grateful to that young entrepreneur when Mean Charlie’s heart gets fixed.

Back at the education committee hearing, Mean Charlie tried to intimidate the senators by saying if they don’t pass his bill out of committee, “We are blatantly disregarding federal law,”  “I don’t think it serves us well to ignore this,” and “It’s a slap in the face of the process.”

Then Mean Charlie slapped the face of the President of the University of Nebraska and seven other well-respected educational leaders who had written a letter to the editor of the local rag the day before the hearing in support of the young undocumented students:

“I can’t say they wrote it,” Charlie said, sniffing the air in a giant accusatory tone. “They put their names on it.”

Not done yet, Mean Charlie circulated a letter from an irate white guy from California who was denied in-state tuition at the University of Nebraska. Now unless California was recently annexed by Nebraska, the California guy doesn’t have a case and Frankly, I don’t know why somebody from sunny California would want to come to college in Nebraska (cold, corny, no ocean) in the first place.

So the California letter was irrelevant, except for the fact that the guy made false and accusatory statements in said letter toward one of the members of the education committee. Senator Bill Avery, normally an affable man, about came unglued when he read the letter. He growled to Mean Charlie and everybody in the room, “This is a lie! He makes statements about me in this latter that are untrue!”

To which Mean Charlie responded smugly, “It’s a ‘he said, he said’ issue. The man was discriminated against.”

Oh, Charlie, you poor, dumb, mean guy. Don’t you know you can’t catch flies with vinegar? I’m not sure why anybody would want to catch flies anyway, but honey works. Vinegar doesn’t.

And so, in response to Mean Charlie and the Fremont Five who also castigated the committee (See again: Mean People Suck), the senators met in executive session yesterday, and here is what transpired:

The education committee voted, 6 to 1, to kill the bill.

In case you are keeping score, so far it is: Mean people – 0; Bright young people – 1

Note to mean people: I told you so.


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