Let’s Play the Match Game

The senators spent Monday through Thursday last week taking money away from kids (LB464), giving money we don’t have to roads (LB84), and moving forward on that very important constitutional amendment to protect the recreational sports of hunting and fishing. (See: Bringing in the Sheaves)

If any of this makes sense to you, run for office. You’ll fit right in.

One of the great things about the Lege is every single word the senators utter during debate on the floor is taped and transcribed for posterity. Their words are not edited for grammar or usage. Sometimes it is just so much fun to hear what pops out of the mouths of our esteemed elected lawmakers, and it’s even more fun to know those words will come back to bite them in the butt someday, somehow.

So in the sprightly spirit of spring, and because we all need a break, see if you can guess which state senator articulated the following words of wisdom:

1) “Roads is in there very high.”

2) “We need a groundswell effort to drag illegals to the feds.”

3) “I don’t buy my clothes at a grocery store in Cedar Rapids.”

4) “We rank 5th in road conditions because other states rank lower.”

5) “I’m no Barack Obama.”

6) “I question if information is of any value.”

a) Kate Sullivan

b) Deb Fischer

c) Leroy Louden

d) Charlie Janssen

e) Dennis Utter

f) Paul Schumacher

Answers: 1-e; 2-d; 3-a; 4-b; 5-f; 6-c

Happy Spring from Today on the Lege!


One response to “Let’s Play the Match Game

  • Moshperson

    I never heard of Paul Schumacher but knowing that he is not Barack Obama tells me something, i guess. I already knew that Franklyn is the Molly Ivins of Nebraska.

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