Who Stole my Wussie Senator?

Last week, when Senator Norm Wallman introduced his bill to expand summer food programs for hungry Nebraska children, senators spent hours on the floor of the Lege griping and complaining about big government, irresponsible parents, and handouts to the undeserving. (See: The Hunger Games) The bill barely squeaked by the first round of debate and looked to be a long-shot to pass.

Today in the Lege, it took exactly two minutes and eighteen seconds to send LB1090 to final reading on a voice vote. No complaints. No gripes. No opposition to the bill at all.

It was as if the whiny, wussie senators of last week disappeared over the weekend and were replaced by lookalikes from Oz who recently obtained brains, a heart, and a little bit of courage.

Whatever the reason for the change in senatorial attitude (and barring a last-minute veto from the Governor which is always a possibility) things are now looking much brighter for hungry children in Nebraska.

Meanwhile, the Nebraska National Guard has been deployed to Nevada to search for certain missing wussie Nebraska senators who are rumored to have been last seen somewhere in Area 51.


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